TreenaNeel of Kentucky is a not-for-profit, cultural organization involved in promoting Bengali language and culture in the state of Kentucky and beyond. The association was founded in 1995 and the non-profit status has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service in 1999.

We are a vibrant Bengali community in Kentucky and we welcome you to our Bluegrass Region. If you are planning on moving to Kentucky we would try to make you feel at home through our friendship and cultural exchange programs for children and adults. We encourage people to come and live in Kentucky – the TreenaNeel (BlueGrass) State.

We have one common goal: creating a positive and enjoyable experience of friendship, happiness, and harmony via our Bengali heritage.

In the coming year, we are planning on ambitious goals of cultural activities on various fronts such as children and adult dance/drama, choreography, song, drama, srutinatak, literary publication, small play on video, and taking them all to web. To accomplish these goals, we need each and every one of your active participation.

We are taking a bold new step in this renaissance of global knowledge exchange via the World Wide Web to promote our Kentucky’s talent to every Bengali loving people on this planet.

Our first generation has come to this country to find a better living. For that we have sacrificed among other things, Bengali aadda, song and dance, natak, etc. Over the years we have managed to form religious organizations to continue these activities. We find that the religious avenues are somewhat limiting in promoting our rich Bengali heritage to our children and other people around us. In order to express our diverse creative talents and satisfy our thirst for music, drama, and fellowship, we needed a separate independent platform. TreenaNeel is that platform.

Please click on other parts of our website to see what’s stored for your enjoyment. We welcome your comment. You don’t have to live in Kentucky to become a member of TreenaNeel. Anyone can become a TreenaNeel member by simply paying a nominal annual membership fee. By becoming a member you can submit your talent for consideration in publishing in our website. However, we do require that you must live in Kentucky to become a voting member.

Dr. Parimal Bhattacherjee